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The Bands of Mourning

The Bands of Mourning

ISBN: 9781473208254

Reviewed on 11th February 2016

The sixth Mistborn novel is by far the best of the second 'trilogy' and is a smashing adventure for Wax, Wayne and their compatriots as they head out of the city with a variety of motivations.

Picking up the book, I was expecting something more akin to the previous two novels, which while entertaining didn't capture my imagination in the same way add the original Mistborn novels. What I got was an action-packed adventure with a number of plot threads, brilliant comedy and surprising revelations that throw a whole new level of interest and excitement into the Mistborn world and make me wish that the really short gap between this and the previous novel was going to be repeated before I can get my hands on more.

Sanderson has commented that he found this book so much easier than the previous one that he actually slipped finishing Shadows of Self to work on this. I think this really shows through in the story which flows with ease from explosive scene to scene and makes Shadows feel like an awkward middle child that is just there to shuffle the pieces into place.

This book is certainly illustrative of the delightful surprise, world building, character and story that I've come to love and have turned him into my favourite contemporary author. I really can't wait for the next adventure in this world and am separate to find out more of its secrets.

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