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Promise Me
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Promise Me

ISBN: 9781409117018


The 2am phone call is from a young, frightened, lost girl who has called the one adult who had promised to help her if she ever got into any trouble: Myron Bolitar. But his help proves not to be enough. He picks her up from a cold street corner and - against his better judgement - is persuaded to drop her at an unknown address. This is a mistake that he lives to regret, for Aimee Biel's final wave from a darkened porch turns out to be the last time anyone will see her.

Reviewed on 10th August 2014

In Promise Me, Harlan Coben returns to his recurring character Myron Bollitar for an eighth adventure. A considerable number of years have passed since the last novel, and it's interesting to see how Coben has changed the universe to make this clear. The narrative is also different - this is far more similar to some of Coben's more serious works than the light-hearted 'grown-up Hardy Boys' of the early Bollitar novels.

The themes of this book are similar to many of Coben's novels - focussing this time on a promise that Bollitar made to protect someone and whether he is able to deliver on this. It uses the character well in a serious way, building on several of the earlier plots to build the character in a new direction that fits well with the relaunch of the series.

The plot is strong and sufficiently complicated to make for an interesting mystery that Coben continues to spin out when you think things are wrapping up - unlike other authors, he makes the twists feel natural and they flow into one another rather than leaping into your face unexpectedly. I really enjoyed returning to the Bollitar world, and look forward to reading the later books.

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