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The Eternal Tide
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The Eternal Tide

ISBN: 9781451668186


As the Voyager fleet continues its exploration of the Delta Quadrant, investigating the current status of sectors formerly controller by the Borg becomes a key priority. Two of the fleet's special mission vessels are left at New Talax while the remainder move out to do a systematic search for any remnants of Borg or Caeliar. As this critical mission begins, a thorough analysis of Fleet Commander Afsarah Eden's genome raises new questions about her origins, and at Captain Chakotay's insistence, she reluctantly agrees to take the USS Achilles to explore the only planet in the galaxy that might hold the answers she is seeking, and the truth about her long-lost home.

Reviewed on 15th September 2012

Kirsten Beyer's fourth post-Destiny Voyager novel picks up on a number of threads that have been hanging over the series for some time, most specifically the mystery surrounding fleet commander Afsarah Eden's past.

It's another great novel and one that's very tightly focussed on the characters. I wasn't too impressed by aspects of the previous novel, but the 'mumsyness' has been toned down with this one and although it is heavily emotion-fuelled there is a much better balance with the narrative.

Some readers may find aspects of the plot disappointing, however I thought they were well executed and delivered the intended results without feeling like a deus ex machina. Beyer explores a number of concepts from the TV series in a new light and in places this makes the story feel a little like those in the Typhon Pact arc.

Overall, another excellent novel in this series that Beyer certainly excels at writing. It does feel like a turning point in the ongoing narrative but I hope the publishers keep the author for a few more episodes.

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